Becoming Sponsor at METEC & 4th ESTAD 2019

METEC & 4th ESTAD 2019 (European Steel Technology and Application Days) is the leading European technical conference for the steel industry which focuses on steel production and steel application. The accompanying conference to the trade fair METEC 2019, 4th ESTAD will be starting on 24 June 2019 and concluding with plant visits on 28 June 2019.

We invite you to take an active role in METEC & 4th ESTAD 2019 as a sponsor with one of our attractive sponsorship packages that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

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METEC & 4th ESTAD 2019 is the accompaying conference to the METEC 2019 trade fair. We do not offer exhibiting at this conference.


Becoming Media Partner at METEC & 4th ESTAD 2019

We encourage you to become a Media Partner of METEC & 4th ESTAD and benefit from the attention and publicity this major steel event provides.

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